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Love this! I'm currently in the midst of remaking a bedroom in our new house into a writing room for myself, and until that room is completed, I must confess I have not been doing much writing! This message, however, I'm writing at my new kitchen table, and I'm loving it. My dog is laying at my feet, I can hear the laundry going...even though most people would probably see that as a downside, there's something to be said for being in the "action."

This is a great topic for discussion, because for some reason I feel a little guilty writing at the kitchen table, like that's not what it's for or something ;)

Can't tell you how much I appreciate this comment, Jennifer! Must confess: I got busy with other tasks and have not developed this site as I meant to. But your note has encouraged me to pick it up again. I'll be posting several stories in the next week or so--and doing a little reconfiguration, as I'm shifting the Working/Space component to a board on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/cgbluebird/the-writer-s-office/). Many thanks for the inspiration--and please let me know if you'd like to author a guest post once I get the site back on track.

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